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The relationships that can be established between an italian investor and film are two and can coexist.

  1. Joint venture: is to contribute to the film's production. The investor (Art. 1, paragraph 325, l. 244/2007 and Decree 21.1.2010) enjoys the benefit, by the State, the TAX CREDIT, is a recovery of 40% of the amount invested in the form of credit d'sets and acquires also a share of the profits of the film rights. The investor will appear in the film's opening credits and promotional materials, such as flyers, posters and trailer.

  2. PRODUCT PLACEMENT: the investor buys a space for visibility for your brand or product within the film, contract duration and default mode. If desired, the visibility can also be extended to events related to the film and its presentation and promotion. In the film, the brand (or product) can be shown, appointed or both. The brand will also appear in the film titles and, depending on the agreements, promotional materials, such as flyers and posters.

    N.B.: Compared to the traditional mode of advertising, acquiring visibility in a movie offers investors some important features:

    • For the investor, the cost of production of advertising disappears.
    • The film, unlike the purchased advertising space in print, television or billboards, is a durable and has a potentially long life: in Festivals, in theatres, in tv, free or pay-per-view or on-demand, home video, on media that will remain in people’s homes, and subsequently on the web. A film can be of interest for decades for several reasons: his potential success, the theme, the performers, the director, music, photography, etc. A film may also gain over time meaning as the debut of a member of the artistic or technical cast from bright future.
    • A character with which he empathized in a deep and intimate identification process, which uses a product or service, impresses the audience / target to a level, even unconscious, completely different than the canonical advertising, commonly perceived as " part". The inclusion of a brand or product in a movie, when well conceived, leads to the viewer an enhancement of the same. The association of a brand or product to an exciting story or deep, also enhances, in the unconscious of the viewer, the image and the empathy.

Each film has its own target audience, as well as any product or service: it is important, of course, create the right match. You can contact us to evaluate whether the possibilities we have to offer at this time fit, and how, to your brand or product.