There is always a story to tell. From prehistoric graffiti, to oral telling, to cinema, how many resources and how many arts have translated the desire inherent to man to narrate! To represent himself, but also to escape and dream. A simple thought in our mind, with his interpretations, intuitions, projections and memories, is the fertile ground where, like wild flowers, stories are born. And there, in the magical place of the story, experience, dream and fantasy, invention and truth, live together as equals. In stories lies do not exist.

Since May, 4th 2017 in cinema

Una gita a Roma

Nine-year-old Francesco lives in a small town and has a great passion for art. He and his five-year-old sister Maria come to Rome with their mother. Forced to return home before planned, Francesco runs away from his mother, and his sister follows him. They discover a big city and a rich universe of characters, unknown places and unexpected situations. Their long-dreamed-of goal is one of the most amazing arts in the world, but it won’t be an easy journey.

Directed by Karin Proia.
Special appearance by Claudia Cardinale and Philippe Leroy.
Music by Nicola Piovani.

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